Pain Relief

Many people suffer from debilitating nerve pain every day. Nerve pain can occur from wide-spread diseases such as cancer, diabetes, shingles or more common back pain like sciatica. Often, sufferers deal with a searing, burning electrical shock feeling that can leave them miserable and make it impossible to function in day to day life. Traditionally, patients have found few options for pain relief. Many often resort to addictive narcotic pain killers and surgery, which can have significant adverse, and potentially fatal, side effects.

Pain is the most common symptom leading to medical care. In the U.S., the estimated impact to the economy is 50 million lost workdays per year with over $300 billion in medical expenses, lost wages and other direct and indirect costs. 70 percent of cancer patients experience significant pain diring their illness, yet fewer than half receive adequate treatment for it.

Non-invasive, drug-free and effective pain relief is difficult to find. Calmare® Pain Therapy Treatment provides a technologically advanced and effective approach to successfully treat chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain, including pain resistant to morphine, without any adverse or harmful side effects.

Calmare can help the patient to avoid unnecessary surgery, potentially addictive drug dependance and improve their quality of life. Clear and immediate results are seen with this innovative therapy on patients. Calmare has been successfully used with thousands of patients and is currently in use at renowned medical facilities, cancer centers and pain clinics worldwide.